Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lucky penny wishing well gift set

Lucky Penny
If you find a penny on the ground
Pick it up, don't keep it down.
Keep it close, whatever you do,
For an angel is watching over you.
Keep that penny close to your heart
And then from there your luck will start.
Angels watching you day and night
To keep you smiling and away your fright.
A lucky penny on the ground
Is to keep all your luck around.
If you find a penny, pass it along
Keep the angels awake and strong.
Let them help you through your life
Through happiness, sorrow, love and strife.
If you find a penny, make a wish
Put it in your hands and make a fist.
Close your eyes really tight
And make a wish with all your might.
For if you do, your wish will come true
All because angels are watching over you.

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