Wednesday, June 24, 2009

bead party on ebay!

Bubble gum acrylic bead lot!

Hearts, dots, stars acrylic bead lot!

Sparkle bead lot!

Striped bead lot!

Monday, June 22, 2009

destashing all my bottle caps!!!!

I'm destashing my bottle caps on ebay! I've got 185 Disney, 232 colored caps, and 414 printed lil' davis bottle caps that are discontinued now!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

remember when series... 4.10.2007

This is one of my all time favorite pieces that I still wear today. It has evolved from resin charms to soldered charms, but the sentiment is still the same. I created adorable soldered necklaces and keychains from this original creation, which I had given to my kids' about a huge hit! I have made many of these for clients that have send me large envelopes of preschool art for me to create these lovely keepsakes. It is so much fun to go through the piles of sweet little pictures and then transform them into an heirloom item! This item falls into my button.wear category. Have you ever noticed that I put dots in between my titles of categories and items? Believe it or not, there is a reason...just like my film strip gallery frames that I discussed in a previous post. I am a full time English teacher on top of being the creative force behind reillybelle original designs, and decided years ago that I would incorporate strong punctuation (the period) in between all of my words to represent that I'm not only a jeweler, but a teacher. This has even crossed over to my school projects! Last year, I introduced the make.a.difference project. All of these little things have helped brand reillybelle over the past six years. There is a reason behind everything I do! I don't stock these anymore, but am always happy to take custom orders for necklaces, bracelets, zipper pulls, and key chains. It truly makes the perfect gift for a mom, grandmom, or teacher!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The film gallery frame...

If anyone sold back in the gold ole boutique ebay days beginning in 2003, you would recognize that it was nearly impossible to be seen since the market was flooded. A very smart friend of mine thought our group should use gallery frames to identify our group from others. That certainly caught on throughout the boutique community. At that time, I adopted a branding look of my own with film. So much of my experience on boutique ebay was spent photographing Reilly and then Jackson. It was the time in my life that I fell in love with photography. So the filmstrip was born out of my love of photography and the creative process that I was using to sell my items. It has evolved over the past 6 years and stuck with's not just some cool little has a story and a is part of the reillybelle branding. I encourage others to connect with something that is meaningful to them as well. You can always tell when it's a reillybelle!

Remember when series...

Listing all those beads made me nostalgic for a lot of things that I used to to. Digging through pictures from April 2006, I found my original hand burned and stained wood pendants. These were a huge seller for me...especially in the summer months! I still make these for custom orders, but think it is interesting that 3 years later, I'm still incorporating wood into my paperbag boutique series. Amazing how time flies!

Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting some of my all time favorite and memorable designs from the past 6 years!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1300 beads on ebay!

I'm kicking off my destash event on ebay with 1300 polymer clay beads! There are two lots on auction for the next 3 days! Stay tuned for more reillybelle destash lots!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

reillybelle destash event

I have been hoarding supplies for the past 6 years. It is time to unload the amazing goodies that I have so that I can focus on other projects. Officially, I will open my destash store (yes, I have enough to stock an online store) on June 22, but I will be putting some things in before then. Make sure that you are signed up on my mailing list so that you can be the first to be in the know. I'll have specials throughout the summer with shipping and buy one get one deals! You're not going to want to miss this event!!

A work of heart...

A very special mom had me design a charm bracelet with school pictures of her two beautiful girls over the past 10 years. Each of the 10 charms are double sided, sandwiched between hand cut glass, and soldered on to a thick, sterling bracelet. The tiffany style heart pendant tops it off with hand stamped names. Due to the time it takes to make a bracelet like this, I will not stock this item, but will take special requests on occasion.

Congratulations Graduates!

Here are some graduation gifts I was commissioned to do this year. The top shows class rings that were hung on a leather necklace, so that the girls could wear them on their finger or around their neck. The bottom shows sterling pendants that have the school's map coordinates, which hang from a key chain for the boys. Congrats class of 2009! Please feel free to contact me for large special occasion orders!