Saturday, July 26, 2008

my to do list...just for reillybelle!

OK...this is just a partial reillybelle to do list....this doesn't even include what I have to do for the kids, the house, my job, my life.... I had to close down my website for the week since people are getting ready for back to school and pageant season. I did leave my etsy store open, but changed the announcement to say that I could not begin orders until August 2 and will ship 5-7 days from then. It is just such a pain to put the etsy store on vacation and I feel like I just opened it up again from my last vacation. I have a super cute line that I've been working on that I cannot wait to get rolling when I get more time! Those of you that have known me throughout the years, know the way I keep my sanity with this business is by putting things on vacation. This is just one of those times...I need to cross these orders off my list and ship them out before I take on anything else. Thanks for understanding! Have a great week!

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