Monday, March 2, 2009

My pledge to you...

You may have noticed some differences in my designing focus...that just might have to do with a little law called the CPSIA. As a designer, it has completely frustrated a mom, I totally understand the need for it. Most of you have known me as a children's designer for the past 6 years. Slowly, as Reilly has been growing up, my designs have been growing with her as well. Many designers have chosen to completely close up shop and stop selling. I am going to take this opportunity to shift my focus and be a responsible mom and designer. See...not only should children's jewelry be CPSIA compliant, but their mom's jewelry should as well. How many times does a child under 12 play with their mom's jewels and even stick it in their mouths! Believe me, I'm a middle school teacher and I see 12-14 year olds stick necklaces in their mouths on a daily basis! So, my pledge to you is that I will only be purchasing my supplies from CPSIA compliant sources. I will offer high quality materials in my designs that will be made and purchased in the USA. You will see more of a focus on natural materials like wood and pearls along with sterling and fine silver. I just am not comfortable using items like bottle caps, rhinestones, nickel silver, plastic beads, or any charm or bead made in Hong Kong. I am working on my new Spring line right now that I'll be launching very of the lines is called dandelion wishes, and the other is called prints on my heart. Thank you to all of my loyal customers. It is always a pleasure working with you!

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