Sunday, July 12, 2009

reillybelle swag bag tags: NYC event

A few weeks ago, I was commissioned to create my sterling silver kilt pins with names on them for a New York media event that would be promoting a website that I sell on. They will be used to pin their "swag bags" shut, and will also double as a name tag, hence the swag bag tag. I readily agreed before I even saw the list! Imagine my face when I opened the list of 25 people that I would be creating reillybelle originals for. Without giving too much away, there were senior editors from just about every magazine I know, plus the big wigs themselves. Just by looking at the pic above, you can guess why I was flipping out! More to come with pics of the actual event!

Want one of your own? Click here ! ;O)


Favors With Love said...

Wow for sure! How exciting! They are all so nice! Beautiful work as always!

Olivia said...

How fun!! Hope it brings you tons more business. :) Your designs are always gorgeous and so is the photography!

Megan said...

so fun!!! they look really great too!